hoteliga cloud property management system is designed to manage hotel operations in the most comprehensive and user-friendly way. Our powerful cloud property management system meets the real needs of hoteliers and accommodation owners. Hoteliga property management system runs on the cloud, allowing hoteliers to manage their property from anywhere; is mobile friendly and has been tested and runs on smartphones and tablets. Together with hoteliers, we are constantly improving our system and we add new features while trying to keep it simple to use.
Interactive reservations calendar with drag-and-drop capabilities and color coding.
View, print and export a variety of useful reports with visually appealing graphs about sales, payments, reservations etc.
We improve hoteliga with new features very frequently (on average once every week).
Manage your relationship with booking agencies. Control pricing and monitor reservations flow.
We run on the cloud. That means you can login from anywhere, anytime and any device (PC, tablet, smartphone).
Our system supports multiple price lists, special offers, early booking discounts, long stay discounts etc.
Booking engine for your website featuring automatic synchronization with hoteliga.
Keep track of reservation payments. Invoice your customers. Control revenue and outstanding balances.
Make housekeeping simple with automatically generated room cleaning schedules.
Manage your customers and improve loyalty. Monitor reservation history and send dynamic confirmation emails.
Create and manage users in your account. Control access and view user activity.
We provide an environment that supports your language, your currency, your time zone and date format.
You can now automatically connect your hoteliga account with the most popular on-line booking platform!

Mobile friendly

Hoteliga has been tested and runs on smartphones and tablets (responsive design).


All you need to start working is an Internet connection. There is no need to download or install anything. 

Automatic interface with the most popular on-line booking platform!

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What our customers are saying

"...It has all the features you really need to manage your sales, and simplifies it to the point that anyone can become an expert in a very short time. If I had to compare it ... I would say hoteliga is much better value for money, since it reduces the operating costs of replacements and training, making the reception, sales and treasury works much easier."
Guilherme Andrade
Thomson House

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