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Hoteliga headquartered in Krakow, Poland, is a successful and growing business on international level that provides a compelling hotel management system and great service.

We created hoteliga, a comprehensive application that will help you automate the operations of your hotel such as front desk, reservations, housekeeping, tracking payments, agencies contract management, pricing, customer relationship management, reporting, revenue control, invoicing, channel manager, online reservations etc.

Our main purpose while designing and creating our hotel management system is to remove the complexity of managing your hospitality business and help you keep track and successful manage your hotel operations.

We aim to offer you everything you need to run your hotel so you won't need to do manual work anymore. In this way you will have more time to spend on more important things and you will get your freedom back, by being able to work from anywhere at any time from any device.

hotel PMS software
Dimitris van Leusden studied Computer Science and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA). With more than 15 years of professional experience, he is an expert in designing and developing applications and complex software systems.
cloud property management system for hotels
Eva Basakari studied Management and Economics and has a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology and Management. She has 13 years professional experience in marketing and customer service.

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