Booking platformuyla bağlantı

We offer an integrated, home-made channel manager solution.

Home-made is always better:

  • Immediate synchronization of rooms allotment to all connected OTAs when you make a change in your booking calendar. When using external channel managers, more systems are between you and the OTA and that means more steps to update it. That is a bigger chance of error and the extra delay could mean an overbooking for you.
  • You have one point of contact for PMS and the channel manager - us. If you were using separate systems you would have different contact persons and it would be more complicated to resolve a situation. For example, OTAs some time experience problems and reservations and updates are not always that smooth. But then you don't get your reservations in the PMS. Whose fault is it? Where are your data stuck? No need to play detective, we have all the answers for you. We have direct contact with the connectivity departments of the OTAs we are connected with and we are able to resolve issues faster.
  • We build the connections with the OTAs ourselves and get certified for that. This gives us a deeper knowledge for each connection and we therefore provide additional tools and reports for each OTA that we integrate with.

Special Features

  • Ability to upload different number of rooms and prices to different OTAs. Based on your relationship and experience with an OTA you may wish to provide more or less rooms/room types and set the prices differently.
  • Automatic out-of-sync fixing every 4 hours. There are many reasons why 2 systems (PMS and OTA) could have a different inventories of rooms; lost updates, technical problems on the OTA side and so on. Our system makes frequent comparisons of the room inventory of the PMS and the OTAs and fixes any inconsistencies. For special cases, (e.g. minimum contracted rooms) alerts are raised and we contact you to resolve them.
  • Automatic synchronization with our optional booking engine.

Certified 2-way connections with OTAs

Upload room availability, prices and restrictions automatically or on-demand from within hoteliga PMS. Also automatic download and population of reservation details directly to hoteliga PMS.

The following OTAs are available:

Coming soon: Tripadvisor, GTA

FREE 1-way connections with vacation rental portals

For the vacation rental sites that are popular for villas and apartments, hoteliga offers the update of availability free of charge. That applies to all portals using the popular calendar file format iCalendar (.ics) including:


For the 1-way connection with vacation rental sites there is no charge.

For the 2-way certified connections charges apply on top of your hoteliga PMS subscription.

Setup fees
One-time fee per channel connection50,00 EUR
USD $57.00
Monthly fees
1 channel10,00 EUR
USD $12.00
2 channels20,00 EUR
USD $24.00
3 channels25,00 EUR
USD $30.00

The setup fee includes a dedicated session with our channel manager experts to perform the mapping of the room types and the price lists/rates. During this session potential issues raising from the existing OTA setup are discussed and attempted to be resolved.

Channel Manager FAQ

  • What is an OTA?
    Simply put, an Online Travel Agency is an online travel portal that lets you book hotels, flights etc online. Basically, it is an e-commerce website for travel and vacations. The best thing about OTAs is the sheer comfort and convenience while booking your holiday online. OTAs are becoming more important and more powerful in the hotel booking market. OTA share increased 108% for economy and midscale hotels from 2011 to 2014; 52% for upper-midscale and upscale hotels; and 33% for upper-upscale and luxury hotels.
  • What is a channel manager? What are 1-way and 2-way connections?
    A channel manager is a special piece of software that simplyfies the communication between a hotel and an OTA. What an OTA always wants is an always up-to-date availability of rooms and an actual one or more price lists. As each OTA is different in philosophy and tools, that can be complex and time consuming for the hotelier. A channel manager removes that complexity as it offers a common way to update all OTAs or channels. Sending such updates from the hotel PMS to the OTA is often called "1-way connection". In the case of vacation rental portals, we also have 1-way connection as the PMS is only permitted to send room availability updates to the site and nothing more. The hoteliga Channel Manager has the advantage that it offers also the possibility to directly and automatically download reservation details to the hoteliga PMS and avoid losing time in data entry or possible human errors. That connection between hoteliga PMS and the OTA is a "2-way connection".
  • As a hotelier, why do I need a channel manager?
    Hotels and small properties need to have cooperation with as many OTAs (channels) as possible in order to increase exposure and bookings. But having a cooperation even with one OTA makes it hard as each one of them has a different philosophy and offers a different set of tools in order to manager the room availability and the pricing. Through an extranet (a special website with controlled access) that each OTA provides, the hotelier needs to manually update each change for rooms and prices every time that a hotel guest walks in the hotel and makes a booking or when a price needs to be changed. A channel manager removes that complexity as it offers a common way to update all OTAs or channels.
  • Can I get the hoteliga Channel Manager of hoteliga separately?
    No, you can't. Our channel manager is communicating very closely with hoteliga PMS and it's available only as an add-on to it.
  • Can I try the channel manager features in a trial account?
    This is not possible, as connecting with an OTA is a special process that may take from minutes to days to setup. And the data to be exchanged between hoteliga and the OTA are real, so you would need to be sure that you really want it before we proceed.
  • How do you connect to an OTA?
    For each OTA that we connect with, we go through a special certification procedure that each OTA has. This ensures that the data exchange is correct and reliable.
  • How do you decide which OTA to connect with?
    This is based on the feedback we get from our customers and the knowledge we have for each market we operate in. If there is a specific OTA you wish to connect with, let us know.