hoteliga is the best value for your hospitality business

5 reasons why you should choose our hotel PMS solution:

hotel software

We offer the most user-friendly interface.

hotel management system

We bring you a better user experience by using the most advanced technology.

hotel management system

We outbeat competition by offering more affordable pricing without long-term commitments.

hotel management system

We offer personalized customer service in 5 languages and respond fast with solutions.

hotel management system

We are committed to constantly evolve our cloud hotel property management system based on your feedback and needs.

What our customers are saying

"I have been always sceptic about cloud services, but hoteliga changed all that ... I can use it no matter where i am and the cost is below 1 euro/per room. I truly believe that hoteliga offers me the best customer experience in all my needs . I highly recommend it."
Dimitris Mavronasios
Hotel Apollon
Xylokastro, Greece

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