Stylish and Functional: Why Adding Rugs to Hotel Rooms is a Must

Stylish and Functional: Why Adding Rugs to Hotel Rooms is a Must

From travel, work or relaxation to celebrations, convenience, and creating unique experiences, anyone staying in a hotel will always expect comfort and luxury you don’t experience daily. One feature that will guarantee meeting guests’ expectations is the placement of rugs.

It might sound trivial, but styling the main lobby or the reception with area rugs creates a welcoming vibe, leaving guests with a positive first impression. This inviting atmosphere is essential, especially in hotel rooms where comfort is a priority. This article explores why adding rugs to hotel rooms is a must.

The Non-Negotiable Hotel Feature

Rugs are integral to the hotel’s interior design and guest experience. They are often considered a non-negotiable element for these compelling reasons:

Aesthetic Appeal.Different styles, patterns and colors can be selected to match a hotel’s theme. With a rug that has the same style as the hotel, a room’s visual appeal can significantly increase while gaining warmth, color, and texture. A rug can also tie the room’s decor together to create a cohesive design that enhances the overall ambiance.

Comfort and Coziness.Walking over a rug always provides a comfortable surface for your feet. Stepping on a soft rug after getting out of bed in the morning is one of the most comforting feelings. This cozy and warm touch makes you feel more relaxed during your stay.

Of course, the room’s scent plays a major role in creating the perfect ambiance for guests. When they open the door, they judge the room by its looks and smell. So ensure the rugs are clean and have no foul odor. Hotels typically clean all their carpets and rugs every 3-6 months. Invest in premium rug cleaning services to ensure professional deep cleaning and quality preservation.

Noise Reduction.Despite being associated with peace and relaxation, hotels are fairly busy as visitors come and go at various hours. Good rugs muffle noise between rooms. Quality runner rugs or carpets covering the entire floor corridors keep sleeping guests undisturbed by passing guests and trollies.

Durability and Flexibility.High-quality rugs are, first and foremost, strong. Despite heavy foot traffic, they can withstand wear and tear and maintain the hotel’s beauty and functionality. This reduces the need for replacements unless it’s time to update the room’s theme. Another benefit rugs offer is flexibility. They can be easily replaced without completely renovating the space.

Safety.Keeping guests safe makes rugs indispensable, especially in bathrooms, where floors can become slippery. Aside from minimizing accidents, rugs also help maintain the room’s cleanliness and hygiene. They act as a barrier, trapping dust particles and preventing them from entering the floor beneath. Thanks to this, cleaning rooms becomes easier and faster.

Where to Place a Rug in the Hotel Room

There are two considerations when placing rugs in a hotel room: reducing accidents and increasing aesthetics. Rugs are commonly placed under the bed, extending several inches from the frame. It provides warmth and comfort to the feet. Four options exist to optimize rug placement under the bed:

  • Only the bed frame sits atop the area rug.
  • The whole bed frame, the bench at the foot of the bed and nightstands all sit on the area rug.
  • The lower two-thirds of the bed and a bench sit atop the rug, leaving the headboard and any nightstand on the bare floor.
  • The area rug is placed under the bench and the lower third of the bed only. This option is best if you’re laying a rug on top of the carpeted floor for added texture and color.

For bigger hotel rooms, there could be more than one rug, with some in the common seating area where people commune. Rugs here are used to define the space and add a touch of warmth while defining the space.

The bathroom is another common area to place rugs as they ensure fewer accidents from the water splashing onto the tiles. Here are some rugs suited for bathrooms:

  • Wool rugs are luxurious designer go-to’s with water resistance thanks to lanolin. They’re much pricier than other materials but, with proper upkeep, can last for years.
  • Synthetic rugs or those made of materials like polypropylene are bathroom all-rounders. Aside from being affordable, they come in an array of beautiful colors and are some of the easiest rugs to clean.
  • Cotton Rugs are the top choice for bathroom rugs as they are easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • Rugs made from natural fibers like jute or sisal also work well in bathrooms as their flat weave design is ideal and doesn’t hold moisture or dust.

Regardless of the type, bathroom rugs are a sure way to add some statement to the area. They provide extra comfort for your feet and are a great alternative to stepping on tiles or a laminate floor.

Final Thoughts

With all the reasons stated above, adding rugs to hotel rooms is surely necessary. Even when the entire room is carpeted, there’s still a place for rugs. You can place a tiny runner rug on the bed’s side or at the foot to add texture. If the room has a couch or a small table and chair, you can also accentuate the section with an area rug. And don’t forget to place bathroom rugs for comfort and safety.

About the Author

Tony Kantzavelos is the CEO of Love Your Rug, a carpet and rug cleaning company established in 1984. Love Your Rug has 10,000 square feet of rug cleaning and repair facilities strategically located in East and West Toronto.