Our mission is to help accommodation properties reach their full potential in an easy and affordable way.

Our purpose is to offer hoteliers, and the owners of any other type of accommodation property, a user-friendly and integrated platform. Even with the use of a simple smartphone, anyone can manage the daily operations of a hotel, a hostel, vacation apartments, villas etc.

Meet the people behind hoteliga

The people behind the "hoteliga" brand are the same people who started and continue with the original strong passion and commitment the development of the hoteliga cloud platform, for the management of hotel and other accommodation properties, maintaining the company in a top position.

It was early 2014, when Dimitris and Eva came up with the idea about hoteliga. Their small office, a few meters away from Berlin's Alexanderplatz in Germany, became the birthplace of an innovative and user-friendly on-line system for the management of accommodation properties.

Even during the summer of the same year, some hotel properties operated with the PMS software of hoteliga. The whole development process of hoteliga from the very first moment was based on real-life problems of hoteliers and accommodation property owners and this is something that made hoteliga stand out from the start: Providing practical solutions rapidly and in close cooperation with the industry experts.

The restless minds of the founders of hoteliga, as well as the market demand, triggered the development of a custom channel manager, since the existing channel managers did not meet the high requirements of the hoteliga team. This new tool was launched in the end of 2014, when the official integration with booking.com was completed. Many other certified connections followed: Expedia (June 2015), Hotel Beds (April 2016), Agoda (February 2017), TripAdvisor (June 2017) and Airbnb (2019). At the same time, the own booking engine was developed (August 2015) making it the third product of the hoteliga applications suite.

The small office in Alexanderplatz became a company with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (hoteliga B.V.) in September 2015.

The hoteliga applications suite continued to expand and improve, like for example with the addition of the hoteliga API (November 2016), an ideal tool for the integration with external systems (such as accounting systems/ERP).

It is part of the hoteliga philosophy to provide as many integrations with third parties as possible, so that the customer-consumer is able to activate additional services freely and without limitations, with affordable costs or even without cost. In this context, hoteliga was official integrated with the Italian channel manager RoomCloud (May 2016) and with the top-rated channel manager SiteMinder (May 2017), allowing accommodation properties access to hundreds of sales channels around the world.

In October 2017 Ailleron S.A., a company listed in the Polish stock exchange market, invested heavily in hoteliga for the further development of the platform. The hoteliga company moved to Krakow, Poland and now its legal name is "hoteliga international Sp. z o.o."

In July 2020 EpsilonNet, a market leader in accounting ERP and hospitality software in Greece, acquired the majority of hoteliga’s shares (51%) from Ailleron. With this strategic partnership, the hoteliga suite will be added to the product portfolio of the EpsilonNet group and will be integrated with the other platforms and accounting systems.

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Today, hoteliga has customers in more than 20 countries around the world and provides its services through an extensive network of partners.

Ailleron Offices in Krakow

The hoteliga offices in Krakow

Dimitris van Leusden

Dimitris van Leusden

Chief Executive Officer

Dimitris, having many years of professional experience in various countries around the world, is managing the company. He specializes in the architecture and development of complex software systems. He studied Computer Science and has a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Eva Basakari

Eva Basakari

Vice President

Eva, with many years of experience in marketing and customer support, is leading the sales team and is also in charge for training customers and partners. She studied Business Administration and has a postgraduate degree in Information Technology and Management.

Ailleron and hoteliga