The hoteliga Booking Engine

An integrated and secure solution to increase direct and commission-free reservations.

Our booking engine is directly connected with our PMS. Any changes in room availability (triggered by the PMS user or the connected channels) updates immediately the booking engine room inventory. No need to worry about updating your rooms manually and all the time.

Payments for the bookings can be done in a variety of ways. Your customers can pay in cash, via bank transfer, via Paypal or with credit card through a payment processing organization that they trust. The customers feel safe to give their credit card information in a recognized payment page and you, the hotelier, don't need to worry about credit card fraud or forgetting to manually charge the customer's credit card through your credit card machine.

0% booking commission*

Accept reservations and keep the money to yourself.

* We do not charge commissions for bookings made through our booking engine, we only charge a one-time setup fee and an annual fee (see Pricing section). This could be a huge benefit for your property!

Normally, payment providers charge a fee around 2-3,5% of the transaction, depending on the total turnover and the country where the property is based.

More payment methods = More bookings

Doesn't it feel wrong when you are given only one option to pay when you buy online or eat at a restaurant? So do your (potential) customers feel too. Increase your chances for direct bookings through the offering of different payment options. You can have different payment options for domestic/national customers and different for international ones.

Apart from the off-line payment options offered (pay in cash during check-in/out and bank transfer deposit), these payment gateways are offered free of charge:

Not seeing your preferred payment gateway? Ask us, and we could implement it for you!

We will charge you nothing for the integration of the payment gateway to our booking engine. However, note that each payment gateway has its own pricing policy, charging variable commissions per customer and depending on the country where the property is based. This is something that is negotiated directly with you and the financial institution.

Verifying, pre-authorizing and charging customer credit cards securely

  • We offer you a secure way to obtain customer credit cards and pre-authorize or charge them at a later stage. In the accommodation sector it is very typical that a customer will make a booking today and stay at a property 6 months later or more. As a hotelier, you will possibly need to pre-authorize the credit card a few days prior to arrival to verify once again the validity of the card, or even charge the card in the event of no show, or when a non-refundable reservation is cancelled.
  • Based on the booking engine setup, the customers may have to enter their credit card information to guarantee a reservation. During this process, their credit card is also verified by performing a $0 or $1 transaction, which is automatically voided. In this away you avoid the hassle of verifying a credit card yourself manually.
  • Credit card information is directly stored and encrypted in a certified payment processor right at the booking stage. You can access a secure page where you can pre-authorize or charge a credit card of a customer, based on the terms and conditions that were agreed during booking.
  • For security reasons you won't be able to get the full credit card number. But when you can verify, pre-authorize and charge a credit card without having its number, does it matter anymore?
  • The secure storage of credit card information is offered by a specific payment gateway without any charge. The gateway only charges you a commission when you charge a specific card.

Easy setup, adapted to your identity

The whole booking engine setup is done through the user-friendly hoteliga PMS environment that you are already familiar with. And what's more, many things like room types and prices are already there, so you don't need to re-enter it again.

Of course, if you need to give a different price list or room allotment to the booking engine, that is always a possible option!

With the assisted setup (included in the setup fee), you will have a mobile friendly and visually appealing layout.

We will also give you the tools to for your web developer to integrate a search form into your existing website. If you don't have a website, you can still use directly our booking engine and the Facebook app.

Try our demo booking engine yourself here.

Mobile friendly & free Facebook app

You want your customers to be able to make bookings from whatever device they use and even through your Facebook page. This is possible with hoteliga booking engine and it comes at no additional cost!

All the screens of the booking engine are responsive, that means that the layout adapts automatically to whatever display the user has.

The Facebook app can be configured in just a few steps. Again, the hoteliga booking engine adapts to the Facebook layout!

Global reach

The hoteliga booking engine is being translated to more and more languages. Make your customers feel confortable booking with a language that they speak.

The following languages are available:

English German
Spanish French
Turkish Arabic
Portuguese Italian

In addition, the system offers a selection of more than 170 currencies whose exchange rates are daily updated.

When the user visits the booking engine for the first time, the system automatically detects and displays the usual language and currency of the country where the user resides. At any stage of the booking process, the customer can switch language or currency.


Setup fees
One-time setup fee 55,00 EUR
USD $57.00
Monthly fees
Bronze 11,00 EUR
USD $12.00
Silver 17,00 EUR
USD $17.00
Gold 28,00 EUR
USD $29.00

The setup fee includes the adjustment of the booking engine layout to fit to the colors and visual identity of your property.

All abovementioned fees are additional to your hoteliga PMS subscription.

hoteliga booking engine FAQ

  • Can I have the hoteliga booking engine separately?

    No, you can't. It's part of an integrated solution that is impossible to separate.

  • I am cooperating with a payment gateway that is not listed. Can you integrate it?

    Most probably yes, but note that you may be charged for the implementation. Ask us.

  • I need an additional language for the booking engine visitors. Is this possible?

    Most probably yes, but note that you may be charged for this. Ask us.