Channel Manager

Our channel manager synchronizes your inventory with online marketplaces. Save your time and manage your offers from only one place.

Common Features

  • Assisted channel connection process with one of our Channel Manager Experts.
  • Easy and intuitive room type/rate mapping tool.
  • Integrated channel calendar with management of day-to-day pricing and room allotment. Also possible to work with seasons, for easier room/price updates.
  • Common or per-channel allotment and pricing. Based on your relationship and experience with an OTA you may wish to provide more or less rooms/room types and set the prices differently.
  • Contract, allotment and pricing reports connecting directly with the OTAs.
  • Automatic out-of-sync fixing every 4 hours. There are many reasons why two systems (PMS and OTA) could have a different inventories of rooms; lost updates, technical problems on the OTA side and so on. Our system makes frequent comparisons of the room inventory of the PMS and the OTAs and fixes any inconsistencies. For special cases, (e.g. minimum contracted rooms) alerts are raised and we contact you to resolve them.
  • Automatic synchronization with our optional booking engine.

the hoteliga Channel Manager

The hoteliga Channel Manager is an in-house product that provides certified connections with the main players in the international OTA market.

The supported channels are:, Expedia/, Hotelbeds, Airbnb and Agoda.
There is also a connection with TripAdvisor when also using the hoteliga Booking Engine.

Why get the hoteliga Channel Manager?

Our system offers real-time synchronization of room availability to all connected OTAs from within the reservations calendar. When using external channel managers, more systems are between you and the OTA and that means more steps and time to update room allotment and prices. That means that there is a bigger chance of error and the extra delay could mean an overbooking for you.

You have one point of contact for PMS and the Channel Manager - us. If you were using separate systems you would have different contact persons and it would be more complicated to resolve a situation. For example, OTAs some time experience problems and reservations and updates are not always that smooth. But then you don't get your reservations in the PMS. Whose fault is it? Where are your data stuck? No need to play detective, we have all the answers for you. We have direct contact with the connectivity departments of the OTAs we are connected with and we are able to resolve issues faster.

Integration with SiteMinder

SiteMinder is one of most popular channel managers in the market.

Why SiteMinder?

  • SiteMinder offers great value when one needs many connections with OTAs.
  • There a large selection of OTAs, ranging from the most popular ones to the most local and market-specific ones.
  • SiteMinder offers world-class customer service.

SiteMinder with hoteliga

If you already have SiteMinder, hoteliga is a great combination for a seamless connection between the two systems.

Integration with Parity Rate

1 Click to simultaneously update online availability and rates. Quick in updating your availability across all selected channels so you dont’miss the opportunity to increase your visibility and sales before your competitors.

Hoteliga Channel Manager Parity Rate Site Minder
Available channels, Expedia (, Expedia Affiliante Network, Travelocity), Hotelbeds, Agoda, TripAdvisor*, Airbnb click here click here
Support for multiple IDs YES NO NO
Download frequency for reservations Instant download for Airbnb, Hotelbeds and TripAdvisor,every 1 min. for, every 5 min. for the rest every 5 min. every 5 min.
Synchronization of available rooms (allotment) Real time Real time Real time
Upload of rates, restrictions, stop sales YES YES YES
Integration with hoteliga PMS Direct Indirect Indirect
Billing cycle Monthly/Annually Annually Only Monthly
Pay per channel YES YES NO
Synchronization with vacation portals (availability only) Free Pay Pay