The hoteliga PMS

A top-class system for the management of hotels and other accommodation properties. The hoteliga PMS (or Property Management System), offers the hotel staff or the managers of vacation apartments, the ability to manage on their own the daily operations of their property in a convenient way as well as work remotely, even with the use of a smartphone.

Interactive Calendar

A complete and user-customizable calendar for the management of manually inserted reservations. Along with the channel manager (optional), the reservations from the OTAs (e.g. are inserted automatically, while the room availability of them is updated in real-time.

Access from Anywhere with Any Device

The hoteliga PMS is accessible from any device that is connected to the Internet (via cable, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G mobile data network). It does not require any installation; all one needs is a browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari). There are constant system updates (about 100 per year) that are included in the subscription fee. In order to connect to the hoteliga PMS, one can use a laptop (Windows or Mac), a tablet (Android, iPad or Windows) or a smartphone (Android, iPhone or Windows). In any case, the application adjusts itself automatically based on the screen size of the device. Especially in the case of the calendar, the screen adjustment does not only work towards the smaller scale, but also to a bigger scale, so that large monitors can display longer periods, something that greatly improves the user experience.

Flexible Invoicing

Ability to invoice one or multiple reservations. Ability to invoice a reservation partially or in full. Ability to issue payment receipts (for deposits), receipts and invoices with on-demand different series or different invoice layouts (templates) or languages (for foreign customers). Ability to issue credit invoices and to perform custom invoicing for services offered besides the ones related to reservations. Ability to have invoice previews prior to their issuing as well as other mechanisms to protect the user from possible mistakes. Ability to invoice booking agencies. Support for various sales tax/V.A.T. schemes (Europe, Asia or the Americas) as well as tourist taxes. Ability to immediately adjust tax rates per booking agency and with custom validity periods (from-to). Invoice export in Excel format or to baVel, as well as ability to integrate with third-party accounting systems through the hoteliga API.

Room Maintenance

Ability to mark one or more rooms in "maintenance" mode. Classification of the maintenance status in "Out of Order" or "Out of Service" so that in the second case the room availability is reduced, provided that the channel manager is used.

More than 100 Reports

Ability to view, print directly or export (in PDF or Excel format) a large variety of reports that were created with the contribution of the hoteliga PMS users themselves. Reports about reservations, daily arrivals & departures, balances and allotment of booking agencies, availability-prices-contracts for channels (if the channel manager is used), payments, sales (with previous years comparison), customers, housekeeping and invoicing. Clear information structure accompanied by diagrams or color coding for increased readability. Ability to have "favorite" reports for immediate access to the desired information.

Management of Booking Agencies

Continuous monitoring and management of the cooperation with the various booking agencies, whether they 're "traditional" (e.g. TUI) or On-Line Travel Agencies (OTAs), like e.g. Ability to have multiple contracts per agency with ability for different price lists, board, taxes, cancelation policy and availability (allotment) for every contract separately. Automatic calculation of the reservation price and break-down based on the given contract of a booking agency. Account transactions with balances for each agency and ability to manually enter new records (charges/ payments) on top of the automatic ones. Display of channel contracts (e.g. Hotelbeds - if the channel manager is used) as well as monitoring of the flow of reservations per agency in relation to the granted allotment in every contract.

Localized to Your Country

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Turkish and Arabic. Ability to have different language set per user. Ability to use templates in different languages for the sending of e-mails to guests or to issue invoices/ receipts. Ability to use one or more currencies with the exchange rates being automatically updated from the E.C.B. (or other global providers), or with fixed exchange rates that are defined by the property manager. Fully customizable format of names, dates, amounts and units of measurement. Adjusts to local sales tax and tourism tax requirements.

Real-Time Tracking of Housekeeping

The hotelier or the person responsible for the housekeeping can setup the various tasks (e.g. change of towels, sheets etc.) that are assigned automatically for every reservation based on its duration or other criteria. The housekeeping staff can work either with a printout of the housekeeping plan or by using a smartphone, with which it can update in real-time the cleanliness status of the rooms or apartments.

Data Export for the Police/Statistics Authorities

Quick and easy export of information for the police (obligatory in Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc.) as well as for the statistics authorities (e.g. I.N.E. in Spain, ISTAT in Italy, etc.).


In case of multiple properties with multiple hoteliga accounts, as it usually happens with small hotel chains or property management companies, it is possible to switch accounts from one account to the other without reconnecting. Convenient and time-saving.

Multi-user with Multiple Permissions

Addition and management of multiple users (according to the selected PMS plan), with different permissions per case, so that for example a receptionist won't have access to sales reports. User tracking on reservation and payments level. Full user session (connection) history.


PMS, channel manager, booking engine, passport scanner, API... They sound different, but for hoteliga it's an integrated system of information management. Apart from its integration among its own products, hoteliga provides freedom of choice to its customers by offering integrations with third-party channel managers or with the available hoteliga API that developers can use to build interfaces to other systems. The objective is to save time by having less manual work done and with less contacts: The property does not purchase different systems from different providers - all one needs is the hoteliga platform.

Room Layout

The Room Layout is a different view of the room/ apartment status like in a "floor plan". The rooms are grouped by room group (e.g. by buildings) and by floor. The display is made for a given day, no matter if this day is in the past or in the future, and of course there is a display for today. This is a very useful functionality, especially for larger properties, where the easy tracking of a room and its status on a given day may be hard by just using the calendar. Every room is displayed with its own color coding, and along with the accompanied information icons it all allows someone to get the whole picture with just a glance. It is then possible to shuffle the guests between rooms if needed, or to check in which room it would be better to have a walk-in guest placed. With the animation during room search as well with the drag and drop functionality for guest shuffling, it's all easy and fun.

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