Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

hoteliga is a cloud-based hotel property management system that allows you to perform with ease the daily operatioΦΦΠΑs of your property. Hoteliga cloud hotel property management system offers the easiest way to manage your hotel and reservations. It also has all the automated reports and statistics that you need. You can set and personalize our cloud hotel property management system to serve your needs in just a few minutes.

With our cloud-based hotel property management system you get everything you need to run your hotel. You won’t need to do manual work anymore. It is safe and secure technology. No installation or download required. You can have access to your data from anywhere, anytime. You don't have to sign contracts. No hidden costs nor fees.

If you manage your property using pen and paper or Excel, then hoteliga property management system is the perfect system for you and it will make your life easy. If you are already using a property management system, but you are not completely satisfied or you find it is hard to use or you are just interested in seeing how hoteliga works, you can register for a free trial. We have no doubt that you will find that with our hotel management system you can manage your hotel efficiently, easily and quickly.

If your business is in Greece you will automatically be subject to VAT charges at the current Greek rate, as required by the Greek legislation. If your business is in any other country than Greece, we won't add VAT charges to your account. You'll be responsible for self-assessing and paying VAT at your EU member state's local rate (in accordance with Article 44 of EU Council Directive 2006/112/EC) or according to the laws of your the country.
Hoteliga can't give advice about VAT. If you have a question about VAT registration, contact your tax advisor or tax authorities.

No! You pay a monthly fee to use hoteliga property management system based on the number of staff using the system and the number of rooms of your hotel, apartments, bed and breakfast ect. There are no extra fees nor installation costs.

We offer 20% discount on annual subscriptions. We also offer 10% discount for non-profit businesses.

There are no contracts nor commitments, you can cancel or change your subscription at any time. Subscriptions for the online hotel property management are available on a monthly basis or on an annual basis with 10% discount.

Yes! This is one of the key features of our cloud-based hotel property management system. You can access your account from anywhere. All you need is access to Internet.

Your data is safe on our servers, which means that there is no reason to worry about whether your computer is infected with a virus. If your computer has a problem, you can use any computer with Internet access to connect to your hoteliga account.

No! All you need is to have access to the internet.

Statistics and reports are necessary to operate your hospitality business efficiently and help you draw conclusions and make decisions. For all these reasons, we have created all the reports and statistics that you will need.

Hotels using traditional property management software can upgrade to hoteliga cloud based hotel management system without retyping all their data. We can transfer and migrate your data from your property management software to your hoteliga hotel management system account. You don’t need to retype all your data! Your data can be transferred and be visible in hoteliga. For more information about data migration, please contact us. Depending on the hotel management software you are currently using, there might be some extra costs for the data migration. If you have an old hotel PMS software, and it has reached the end of its life cycle, there are good reasons to upgrade to hoteliga hotel management system!

The data entered by you and the hotel’s personnel remains your property. In case you want to end your subscription at hoteliga and delete your account, you can ask us for a copy of your data.

The data entered by you or your personnel is stored securely in a database and is only accessible to you and your approved personnel. You have full control over who you want to have access.

Hoteliga’s servers are secure and protected. All data are stored in secure data warehouse facilities in Germany. Hoteliga backs up all your data every 4 hours so all your data is secure.

Unlike other hotel software, hoteliga is using modern technologies and responsive design that allow access from all devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) and provide the best user experience from any device.