Interactive Calendar

Our PMS comes with a powerful and fully customizable calendar that provides easy management of reservations and an overview of the room occupancy for any period. It also comes with a rich set of tools that allow you to perform different tasks, all from one place.

  • Fully adjustable/adaptive to the screen size. Whether its a small-screen smartphone or a 32-inch desktop monitor, our calendar optimizes itself for all displays. In the mobile view, the toolbar is modified to allow navigation with finger taps and scrolling inside the view.
  • Easy and quick navigation. Use the arrows to move back or forward in time by weeks or months. Or select any date in the past or in the future and the calendar will take you there right away.
  • Instant search for a reservation. No need to get lost in a full of reservations calendar. Just type the hoteliga reservation ID or the booking agency reference code and the calendar will highlight the reservation you 're looking for.
  • Three zoom levels. You can have a calendar view of multiple months in one screen at minumum zoom level. But if you are want to focus on a specific period or the font size is too small for you, then you can go to max zoom and have it all clear. The middle zoom level gives readability and an enough weeks within one screen.
  • Instant reservation info. All reservations are displayed on the calendar with their booking agency icon (if they 're not direct) and with the customer or the primary guest name, whatever suits you best. Want to see more about a reservation but don't want to open the full reservation window? Just click once or tap with your finger on any reservation to get a tooltip window with useful information, such as number of adults/children, agreed amount, notes etc.
  • Drag 'n' drop functionality. You can instantly create a new reservation by draging with your mouse on an empty space in the calendar. You can also extend or shrink an existing reservation by draging at the right end of a reservation. Or you can drag a reservation elsewhere, to either change dates or change room/room type. In case of a room type change, you can mark the change itself as an upgrade so that you can keep track of them.
  • View by room type or by room group. You can have the calendar display the room types and their rooms in the order and color code that you want. But you can also group the rooms in a way that serves you better, such as by building or by floor. Of course, a room can be an apartment (in case of apartments) or a bed (in case of hostels).
  • Color-code reservations your way. You can use a specific color coding for the reservations in the calendar based on the payment status (unpaid/partially paid/fully paid), the general status (confirmed/checked-in/canceled/etc.) or the booking agency.
  • Group and ungroup reservations. Need to associate different reservations for billing or other reasons? Then you can group them together and have them displayed as "connected" in the calendar.
  • Split, copy, mass update and delete. You want to change room for a guest? Then you can split the reservation and have one part of it in room A and the other part in room B. Do you have a big group needing multiple rooms? Then you can use the "copy" function to instantly create duplicates of a given reservation. Need to change the status of multiple reservations? No problem, the calendar does it all for you.
  • Reservation locking. Do you have a reservation and the guest has requested a specific room? Then you can "lock" this reservation so that you won't accidentally move it to another room when you 're optimizing the calendar.
  • Live updates to the channels. Are you using the hoteliga PMS in combination with one of our channel management options? Then the calendar will instantly update the room availability of the affected OTAs (, Expedia etc.).