baVel is a large electronic billing platform in the tourist industry, used by over 400 travel operators and over 18.000 suppliers worldwide.

baVel is a platform in the travel industry that allows you to electronically send invoices to virtually all of your clients in a fully compliant manner with prevailing ebilling regulations worldwide.Once your company has installed baVel, you will automatically be connected to thousands of current and future users who make up the network, without having to make any technical adjustments.

The baVel Manager is very quick and simple to implement. Companies can continue to use their current IT system (ERP, PMS etc.) without needing to train staff. baVel has different interfaces so that no suppliers and/or clients are excluded from electronic billing. Using the baVel portal, companies who do not own invoicing programs capable of exporting invoices in electronic format will be able to manually create them via the internet.

baVel eBilling

baVel incorporates all the integral solutions in order to speed up (by electronic means) the management of the purchasing, administration billing processes etc. “baVel drastically reduces the administrative costs and fuels productivity of Accounts Receivable by electronically automating the manual invoicing and reconciliation procedures and virtually eliminating most sources of dispute-causing errors”.


Streamlined electronic connection between the hotel PMS and the AP system of over 1000 travel companies. Totally eliminate B2B manual invoicing procedures!


Electronic operation helps eliminate invoicing errors and expedite dispute resolution. baVel Billing is the key to timely Payments.

baVel Pay

Tightly coupled to the baVel eBilling solution and featuring connectivity to the major Payment Service Providers and Payment Gateways in the industry, baVel Pay is the a reliable and cost-efficient method to pay suppliers using VCCs, bank transfers and other alternative forms of payment

PSD Connectivity Hub

Out of the box connectivity to multiple VCC issuers and other payment service providers (PSPs). Cater to your suppliers' payment requirements without having to implement a different interface for each PSP you need to work with.

Streamlined error-free payments

Fully automate complex payment workflows (including direct bill, bill-back, pre-payments,...) virtually eliminating all sources of manual payment processing errors, chargebacks, DCC fees, etc.

Compliance as a service

baVel secure infrastructure and tokenization platform takes you and your suppliers out of PCI scope and releases all players from having to implement any present or future legal requirement in connection with B2B payments.