7 Effective Content Types You Should Add to Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

7 Effective Content Types You Should Add to Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

The hospitality industry evolves at a lightning pace, and to stand out, you’ve got to be innovative and authentic.

So, how do you catch the modern traveler’s eye without getting lost in the crowd? It’s quite simple. Embrace fresh, engaging content that truly resonates.

Whether it’s sharing your hotel’s story through captivating videos or giving insider tips on local hideaways, there’s a world of content opportunities waiting for you.

Dive in with us as we unpack seven effective content types, complete with real-life examples, to supercharge your hotel marketing strategy . Let’s get started!

1. Tell a Captivating Story

Every hotel has walls, rooms, and amenities. But what truly differentiates one from the other? The stories those walls have witnessed and the memories they’ve nurtured. Engaging with travelers on an emotional level transforms them from mere guests to lifelong advocates.


Hyatt Hotels, with their For A World of Understanding video, nailed this concept. Instead of highlighting plush beds and glittering pools, they journeyed through tales that resonate with the traveler’s soul, building bridges of emotion and understanding.

The production quality is undeniably top-level. But it’s the story that makes us stop, watch, and feel.

Pro Tip

Great stories aren’t all about the budget but about the narrative. Even if you’re working with limited resources, the right story told from the heart can create ripples.

Start by documenting guest experiences, local legends, or the history of your establishment. Shape them into compelling narratives that’ll pull at the heartstrings of your audience. Let your hotel’s essence shine through every tale you tell.

2. Embrace Interactive Experiences

Travelers crave a taste of their destination long before they step foot in it. And nothing beats giving them a near-real experience of what awaits. With 360° virtual videos, you’re not only showing – you’re immersing.


Valamar Dubrovnik President Hotel has masterfully tapped into this immersive tech with their 360° video presentation. Here, the viewer isn’t merely a spectator. They’re virtually walking through the hotel’s elegantly adorned corridors, feeling the ambiance and soaking in the surroundings.

The simple navigation combined with soothing music encapsulates the hotel’s essence of simplicity, transparency, and sophistication.

Pro Tip

If you’re considering a 360° experience for your hotel, focus on creating a user-friendly interface . A virtual tour should be an enjoyable journey, not a maze.

And remember, the ambiance is key. Whether it’s the background score or the lighting in the video, ensure it aligns with your hotel’s branding and ethos. Let your guests explore, dream, and, eventually, book.

3. Leverage the Voice of Your Guests

Today’s traveler values authenticity above all. They’re clever, doing their research, and are often more persuaded by fellow travelers than any crafted advertisement.

User-generated content (UGC) effortlessly merges authenticity with endorsement, making it a potent tool for hotel marketing.


Loews Hotels , in a brilliant move, swapped their own polished pictures with candid moments captured by their guests. By featuring a UGC section on their website filled with real memories from platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they’ve turned their site into a vibrant mosaic of genuine experiences.

It’s not just their hotel they’re promoting – it’s an emotion, a story, a memory, as seen through the eyes of the very people they serve.

Pro Tip

Dive into the world of hashtags and mentions. Encourage your guests to share their memories using a dedicated hashtag or tagging your hotel. Combine these moments and feature them prominently, be it on your website, social media, or even in-house screens.

Celebrate the genuine and the candid, and let your guests be the voice that amplifies your brand’s authenticity.

4. Share the Hidden Treasures Around You

Travelers are always on the hunt for unique experiences, hidden spots, and local favorites. They want to explore the world like a local and not just as a tourist. As a hotel, you’re uniquely positioned to offer them that resource.

Crafting guides and sharing local secrets can cement your hotel as a gateway to genuine travel experiences.


Anantara Hotels hit the bullseye with their “Five Magical Weekend Getaways” post. They didn’t just stick to promoting their premises. Instead, they opened up a world of local escapes, enticing their guests to embark on new adventures.

Their approach is akin to whispering local secrets in the ears of eager explorers.

Pro Tip

Start documenting the wonders around your hotel. These could be serene beaches, bustling markets, or charming cafes.

Additionally, you can even share tips on how your customers can reach your hotel in the most affordable way.

For instance, nudge your readers to use a tool like Google Flights to find good deals or list all of the public transport options in your area. That way, you’ll position your hotel as more than just a destination. You’ll make it a partner in your guests’ adventures.

5. Highlight Your Amenities

Every traveler seeks comfort, but they also secretly wish for those little luxuries that elevate their stay from good to unforgettable. While you have them at your hotel, make sure they don’t remain invisible. Dedicate time and effort to magnify what makes your accommodations special.


Lotte Palace doesn’t let their premium amenities take a backseat. They’ve devoted an entire page to their Hästens Ultimate Sleep Suite , where they demonstrate that this isn’t just any suite. It’s a partnership with Hästens, the craftspeople behind some of the world’s most luxurious beds.

Their message highlights that their suite is more than a typical hotel room. It’s a sanctuary dedicated to ensuring the best night’s sleep.

Pro Tip

Dive deep into what sets your hotel apart, be it plush towels, panoramic views, or gourmet room service.

Do you offer luxurious bedding? Why not tempt your guests that they’ll fall asleep in under five minutes on your exceptional beds?

It’s all about making them feel like they’ve walked into a haven of both comfort and luxury.

6. Offer Rewards for Loyal Guests

Loyalty isn’t only a buzzword. It’s the cornerstone of a thriving hospitality business. When guests feel valued, they’re more inclined to return and sing your praises.

Offering discounts, special promotions, and a structured loyalty program can turn occasional guests into lifelong customers.


Hilton does way more than offer rooms. They roll out a red carpet for their guests with their trip rewards program.

Book early? Here’s a discount for your trust. Been with Hilton for a while? Accumulate points for every stay and redeem them for even more memorable nights at their properties. They’ve literally turned the usual booking process into a rewarding journey.

Pro Tip

If you don’t already have a loyalty program, now’s the time to brainstorm. Reward not only the length of stay but the frequency of visits as well. And don’t forget those early birds. Offer them incentives that make them feel special and appreciated.

In the world of hospitality, it’s the little gestures that often make the biggest difference.

7. Use Podcasts to Inspire Travel

In an age where screens are everywhere, sometimes it’s the voice that can be the most intimate and powerful medium. Podcasts have soared in popularity, offering an auditory escape and a chance to paint vivid images in the minds of listeners.

As a hotel, tapping into this medium can help you share stories, tips, and the essence of travel.


Marriott embraced the podcasting trend with their Travel by Design series.

This podcast is a carefully crafted journey through sounds, inviting listeners to explore destinations, cultures, and the intricate design elements that make their stays at Marriott unique.

Pro Tip

Think of starting a podcast series that dives into the history of your hotel, interviews with frequent guests, or perhaps the cultural significance of your location.

This type of content is about creating an auditory experience, a theater of the mind. Simply let your hotel’s voice be the soundtrack to someone’s dreams and travels.

Final Thoughts

Upping your hotel’s content marketing game is all about blending authenticity with innovation.

From telling heartfelt stories to rewarding loyalty, it’s these tailored touches that create memorable experiences and lasting bonds.

Dive into these strategies, resonate with travelers, and watch your hotel become more of an experience than a mere destination.