3 Ways to Create a Luxurious Hotel Experience for Your Guests

3 Ways to Create a Luxurious Hotel Experience for Your Guests

People of all kinds do a lot of travelling for various reasons, and one thing they all have in common is that they need a place to stay when they’re far from home. Hotels are therefore always in demand. Because of this, hotels have the advantage of a nearly infinite customer base. However, hotels are associated with a certain level of luxury, and failing to provide that luxury will make it hard for an emerging hotel chain to make a name for themselves. Here’s what you need to know about meeting the luxury expectations of your hotel’s customers.

You Need an In Ground Pool

Pools are part and parcel with the hotel experience, and even many motels also sport this luxury, albeit at a smaller, less impressive scale. Travelers have come to expect the opportunity to swim when they visit hotels, so investing in a pool for your location is essential. In ground pools are fairly costly, prohibitively so for the average person, but prices for in ground pools are quite manageable on a hotel’s budget, so it won’t break the bank. It will, however, be a major selling point for your hotel, because it will give your location a universal appeal among travelers of all kinds.

The Aesthetics Matter

Hotels are generally associated with certain aesthetic styles, and those styles are typically associated with opulence and grandeur. The style itself doesn’t matter. For example, Victorian styles are just as valid as more modern styles. What does matter is that your hotel speaks to high quality and luxury at every level, including its interior and exterior design. Building an extravagant building to start with is of the utmost importance, because it will broadcast your attention to detail those who might be interested in a place to stay. However, the interior shouldn’t be neglected, because the interior is ultimately where your clientele will spend most of their time with you. Elegant wallpaper is a must for breathing life into the endless hallways that characterize a hotel, and an equally impressive carpet is essential. Ornate decor works wonders to elevate a hotel from adequate to luxurious, so don’t neglect things like light fixtures, railing, and even the basics like furniture. Curating a cohesive style is also important. While there are no hard and fast rules, sticking to a fairly strict theme will ensure that your hotel doesn’t have a dissonant feel that can undo so much of your work.

Offer Luxurious Activities

In addition to activities like swimming, offering an even more luxurious, less active suite of activities will really send the message that luxury and comfort are a priority for your hotel and your clientele. Specifically, offering spa services will meet many different needs with the goal of relaxation and self improvement in mind. For example, a sauna will give your guests the ability to purify themselves of toxins by sweating them out. On the other hand, manicures, pedicures, facials, and hair care services are a great way for your clientele to experience a luxurious, relaxing activity that will leave them feeling like a better version of themselves when they leave. Massages may be the cream of the crop when it comes to deeply relaxing spa activities, and hiring on a masseuse at your establishment will give your guests the epitome of rejuvenation as an add on to their visit. The universal appeal of spas and the activities they have to offer makes them a perfect fit for hotels, and implementing spa services into your business model will reap major rewards, both in terms of monetary gain and prestige.

Running a hotel can be deeply rewarding, but only if your guests are satisfied more often than not. Moreover, meeting and exceeding the expectations of your clients is the key to growing your business, because hotel review scores can make or break hotels. These tips will help you create a hotel that’s built from the ground up to leave a lasting impression and satisfy your guests’ every desire.

Author: Paisley Hansen