3 Ways Your Hotel Staff Can Make All The Difference

3 Ways Your Hotel Staff Can Make All The Difference

The hotel industry is one of the most competitive industries in existence. Whether for business or leisure, a traveler has what seems like unlimited options at their disposal when they're seeking out a room in a busy city or popular destination. As a hotel operator, it's up to you to ensure your hotel catches that traveler's attention. Working with a great marketing firm is one way to lure them to your advertisements, but if your reviews aren't top notch, or even poor, that potential guest is going to scroll on by.

What's the best way to pack your rooms with happy guests? It's simpler than you might think. Besides clean sheets on the bed, an amazingly friendly, accommodating, and well-trained staff is really all you need. Here's why.

1. Above and Beyond

Everyone has received service in which the provider just wasn't that into you. Maybe they sighed to let you know how put out they were, or maybe they didn't make eye contact because their mind was on how bad their day was going. How did that make you feel? Like a bothersome burden, right? Don't let this be your staff.

When a guest has a need, a well-trained hotel staffer, such as those at Marriott Providence, should go above and beyond to meet that need. If a guest needs a bar of soap, just dropping a bar of soap at the door is nice and it meets that guests’ expectations, but a staffer who also introduces him or herself and includes a couple of extra hand towels will be well remembered, even years later. It stands to reason that when the same guests who received this excellent service are in the area again, they're going to want to stay where Jacques or Stephanie treated them like royalty rather than a burden.

2. Friendly Faces

Walking into an attractive hotel is nice, but walking into an attractive hotel with attractive faces is even nicer. Numerous studies have proven how powerful a smile can be to other people. Not only are smiling faces perceived as more attractive because they appear healthier, they are also inviting. They tell the onlooker, "This person is approachable." You may also know from experience, they have the power to change moods.

Imagine a packed lobby with weary travelers. Now imagine the staff helping get those travelers are exhausted as well and their patience that's wearing thin is also being worn on their faces. Do you think that helps the situation? Now, imagine the same situation, except this time the hotel staff is pleasant, patient, accommodating, and even more importantly, understanding. It makes a big difference for the travelers.

Last, don't forget–smiles are contagious. This is as important to your staff as it is to your guests. When your staff sees their co-workers smiling, it makes them feel happy and confident as well.

3. Recommendations and Ratings

It doesn't matter what role your employee plays in the operations of your hotel. From the kitchen to the laundry room, your employees will at some point come in contact with guests. With the right training, your employees will know their part in improving the profits of the hotel. Your guests will leave their stay always remembering the hotel with the friendly staff. Even more importantly, they'll leave tell their family and friends and they'll leave wonderful online reviews. Did you know word of mouth is still the most powerful marketing tool at your disposal? The best part is it's free. There are so many avenues to running a hotel. Having a happy and friendly staff is only a minor part of the whole picture, but it's also major when it comes to booking rooms. Look into having everyone from the maintenance department to human resources trained in how to interact with guests. If they can be associated back to your hotel, they need the training. Training isn't a one-time event. If you need to train once a week, the increased profits will cover the expense. Smiles are a luxury you should never overlook.

Author: Paisley Hansen