Five Ways Sustainability Can Lower Your Hotel Expenses and Raise Your Profile

Five Ways Sustainability Can Lower Your Hotel Expenses and Raise Your Profile

COVID-19 is still causing delays and limiting travelers around the globe. For hotels, this has been acutely felt and trying to maintain profits until travel resumes can be a challenge. However, with every challenge, there is an opportunity. You can take advantage of this time to implement some sustainable policies to lower future expenses and improve your public profile.

Renewable Energy

The benefits of renewable energy have been discussed for ages. However, the construction period is often a deterrent for hotels, particularly during high seasons. With travel being limited, it is the ideal time to start installing a solar panel system. These systems allow you to reduce your overall expenses and receive credits for your hotel’s energy production. When choosing which solar panels to install, look for ones that are low profile so as not to interfere with the overall aesthetic design of your hotel. Finally, look at where you can place the panels to guarantee that you get the most sunlight. By doing so, you can ensure that you get the most out of your new solar panels.

Solar systems don't have to be massive or incredibly expensive. In fact, you can build a small do-it-yourself solar system following these instructions.

Updated Recycling System

Reducing your garbage may not be at the forefront of your mind as a way to save costs and improve your hotel's image. However, by implementing a recycling program, you can lower your expenses. Hotels spend thousands a year on removing waste. You can start by sorting small items, such as paper, glass and food waste, to help reduce initial expenses. Next, take the time to look at your bigger ticket items like equipment. These items are costly to dispose of, and by recycling them, you can save money for your hotel. With a recycling program in place, you will see your waste costs drop and your public profile improve.

Unnecessary Toiletries

Hotel toiletries are both loved and reviled by travelers. While the convenience of a small plastic bottle of shampoo and conditioner is tempting, the environmental impact is a growing issue for travelers. These amenities have become an unnecessary expense for many hotels. By reducing bathroom toiletries, hotels can cut back on plastic waste and save money. Many hotels use these conveniences to differentiate themselves, selecting unique high-end brands or distinct smells to stand out from others. Rather than rely on single-use bottles, hotels can install refillable dispensers. Additionally, these bottles are easily sanitized to guarantee guest safety. By reducing the need to frequently buy toiletries, hotels can save both time and money.

Tax Benefits

The most obvious boon to implementing green policies are the tax benefits and incentives. Depending on your state, there are a multitude of programs you can utilize to lower your tax bill each year. Start your research by looking at the government financial incentives that are available in your area. This inquiry should include looking at both the federal and state level. After determining your green-energy program, you can research if there are policy-specific plans available to provide you savings or credits. Additionally, look into whether there are support programs to help reduce the installation costs. With a little work, you can ensure you are getting the highest savings available for your hotel.

Improved Public Profile

Eco-friendly travel is a growing trend around the globe. Travelers are looking to reduce their carbon footprint while on the go. Once your hotel starts implementing green policies, you can begin to market and promote your sustainable practices. Many travelers now make their booking decisions based on the environmental impact their vacation will have. You can utilize this in your marketing strategy by putting these policies on your website and booking pages. This information will help your customers understand how their stay will impact the environment.

Part of your green marketing strategy should also be moving materials to digital platforms to reduce paper waste. These policies will help you as your hotel starts welcoming back guests.

Take advantage of this lull in travelers to help your hotel save money with new eco-friendly policies.

Author: Paisley Hansen