hoteliga and Chekin

hoteliga and Chekin

We are excited to introduce you Chekin, a company with which we have recently integrated hoteliga PMS to offer a better service to our customers.

Chekin is a software that automates the entire check-in process, from booking confirmation till the check-out, allowing hosts to save hundreds of hours and money in the management of their property.

With this tool, doing manually every guest's check-in is a thing of the past. When a booking is confirmed, a link is automatically sent to the guests with an online form, in which they can complete all their data and finish the check-in in a few seconds. There is also the option to send a rental contract that can be signed with the terms and conditions of the house.

In addition, the Chekin system stores and sends all the data to the police (in case it is mandatory in the country), complying 100% with the legal requirements, saving owners time and worries.

Another of the advantages provided by this tool is the option to allow remote access to the property for guests. If you have a smart lock, keybox or work with a key collection point, Chekin will surely become a fundamental tool in your business, due to it’s integrated with most remote access companies.

Once guests have done the online check-in, they must verify their identity in order to receive the access code to open the keybox. They must take a photo of their ID and then take a selfie. To verify that it is the same person, Chekin's software uses a biometric match which will check both photos in real time.

Once the identity is verified, Chekin will automatically send the virtual key that will allow the access to the property, allowing the owner to save the whole process manually. This feature is known as Self check-in.

Finally, and if the host wants, Chekin will calculate the tourist taxes depending on the country, region, type of property, number and age of the guests and the owner can include the payment of this tax in the online check-in.

Do you want to know how the Chekin and hoteliga integration will work step by step?

  1. Once hosts receive a confirmed booking in our system, a few days before guest arrival, guests will be asked to do the online check-in through a form automatically generated (booking information will be pre-filled thanks to the data synchronization with hoteliga).
  2. On the same link, guests will be able to sign the rental agreement, verify their identity remotely by taking a selfie and a photo of their ID, and pay the tourist tax related to their stay (if the features are activated in the Chekin Dashboard).
  3. Guest data will be automatically sent to the local authorities (if required in your country) and the required documentation will be generated and stored in the Chekin cloud for as long as necessary.
  4. If the host usually uses remote access systems in his accommodation, he will be able to connect them to Chekin to allow the access remote, where a virtual key will be automatically sent to guests, once their identity has been verified.

With this integration, we want to offer an All-in-One solution for hosts, being able to have a complete digital system from the booking till the check-out, so they won't have to worry about any manual action.