How To Turn Your Property Into a Vacation Rental

How To Turn Your Property Into a Vacation Rental

Your existing property can be leveraged for extra income. Short-term vacation rentals allow homeowners to maximize the return on their investment without selling their property. The process of turning your personal space into a vacation rental is quite simple and accessible. Check zoning rules for short-term rentals in your area and get started right away. Consider several ways to make your vacation rental dream a reality.

1. Make Smart Improvements

Prospective renters of vacation properties are looking for easy and attractive spaces. Inspect your intended vacation rental property for possible problem areas. This is the perfect time for routine maintenance and small renovations. Think about fresh paint, replacing carpet with luxury vinyl flooring, and improving high-use areas. Look into cash out refinance rates to help fund your projects around the property. Durable and comfortable furniture can also lead to better renter reviews online.

2. Create a Secure Entry

Add a lockbox or entry code for a contactless vacation rental check-in experience. This can be especially appealing to weekend vacationers and groups with changing arrival times. Note entry instructions in your reservation confirmation email and include an emergency contact number to clear up any confusion.

3. Set Aside a Locked Closet

If you plan to set aside time for personal vacations at your property then a locked closet, storage room, or basement is important. This can enable you to secure seasonal items, valuable gear, and cleaning materials. The locked area can be useful for hired maintenance hiring staff in between renters. Setting aside a locked area requires minimal work for maximum convenience.

4. Depersonalize the Space

Take down most personal family items and pictures before posting images of your vacation rental online. This allows vacationers to envision themselves in the space and not feel awkward about stepping into someone else’s space. You may want to protect your child’s privacy, too. A few reminders of your family can prompt renters to be respectful of the property.

5. Clean Everything

A deep clean is a necessity before you list the property online and between every stay. Disinfect surfaces, scour bathrooms, and wash all linens. Washing windows can lead to a brighter space and erasing signs of pets can be good for allergies. Maintaining a high level of cleanliness is of utmost importance.

6. Provide Necessities

Place small toiletries in the bathrooms and equip the kitchen with cooking basics. A coffee maker, packaged snacks, and dishwashing materials can help renters feel at home. Extra bed linens and pillows can accommodate large groups. Throw blankets in the living room or den to create a cozy environment. The small touches can make a big difference.

7. Determine House Rules

Think about the rules for everyone who stays on your property. Consider whether you can accommodate dogs, large groups, parking for multiple vehicles, or smoking. Communicate your standards clearly in the vacation home listing, confirmation message, and welcome packet at the property. Determining house rules can optimize communication and protect your investment from damage.

8. Keep an Updated Calendar

Post a calendar of available dates online and adjust pricing for peak and off-season weeks. Update the calendar to avoid accidental double bookings and allow last-minute vacationers to take advantage of cancellations. Most rental listing websites have user-friendly availability calendars. Cross-check multiple listing calendars for your property before confirming reservations.

9. Think About Amenities

Great amenities can lead to happy repeat renters. Consider providing things like games, bicycles, streaming services, and laundry facilities. A welcome basket of local treats or spa goodies can make a positive impression.

10. Make Local Experience Recommendations

Write a brief guide of local restaurants and attractions with your personal recommendations. Short reviews and maps are helpful for new visitors from out of town. This personal touch can set you apart from corporate hotels.

Make the most of your vacation rental and take every step to ensure delightful experiences. You have the power to make your resources work for you.