Innovative Hotel Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Innovative Hotel Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Innovative Hotel Design Trends to Watch for in 2020

Gone are the days when guests would book a room and walk into a hotel without researching it first. The lobby's design and cleanliness used to be one of the most important ways to impress patrons, but now hoteliers strive to generate positive online reviews.

Part of getting glowing reviews is making your accommodations attractive. A new breakfast menu or pool isn't enough to pull in guests when the property looks like no one has updated it in decades. That's why managers should look to the future and watch for popular trends coming down the road. You'll stay one step ahead of what people want.

Read on to learn about innovative design trends to watch for in 2020. When visitors find these modern amenities and interior design features in your hotel, they'll be won over before ever checking in.

  1. New Tech-Based Room Features
  2. Technology has become an essential part of people's everyday lives, so guests want to see hotels use new advancements to make their stay more comfortable. It's important to get that updated waffle maker and sleek ice machine when you have the budget but consider investing in technological room features first.

    Installing a tablet and connecting the entire room to an app system is the kind of 2020 experience people want. Get curtains that open at the tap of a finger. Download an app where guests can contact staff for extra pillows and room service. Tech makes it easy to meet a hotel goer's needs in a futuristic way.

  3. Movable Furniture Pieces
  4. Once you finalize a room's design, it should stay that way for at least a few years. While you may not need to change your brand new comforters and blinds, you can still let guests personalize their stay by allowing them to move each piece of furniture.

    Moving hotel room furniture around will create much more pleasant experiences, especially for people checking in with large families or lots of luggage. They can rearrange the beds and couches to make room for each other and their belongings, which will put you ahead of your competitors who don't allow the same thing.

  5. Front Desk Replacements
  6. Mobile check-ins are becoming more popular with each passing year, which is why front desks will start disappearing in 2020. Concierges will still stick around seated areas with tablets to check people in, but guests will mostly find independence. This is an especially valuable design aspect to consider if people know your front desk for having increasingly long lines. You'll reduce their wait time and help them get to their rooms quicker.

  7. Vinyl Floor Replacements
  8. Guests are used to finding carpeted rooms, which is why floor renovations will make your property stand out from the competition. Tear out old carpets and find a better replacement, like high-quality vinyl flooring. It's flexible and economical, and it comes in multiple styles. No one will ever know your glossy hardwood or tile floors are vinyl. You'll save money on upgrades without sacrificing your hotel's appearance.

  9. Sustainable Lighting Features
  10. Going green is one of the most popular ongoing conversations around the world, so why not consider an eco-friendly design upgrade? You could do something as simple as switching your lighting features to LED bulbs. Compared to traditional bulbs, LEDs use 80% less energy and emit less heat, saving you big on your energy bill. Go a step further and install dimmable lights or automatic sensors. Hotel goers will have the option to use less energy if they live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

  11. Faux Luxury Decor
  12. Most people would love to stay in a luxury hotel but can't afford to do so. You can give your property a sophisticated feel by rethinking design elements. Combine metals and textures to mimic more expensive resorts. Marble front desks and doors lined with polished gold or silver welcome guests to paradise, especially if the furniture works as plush statement pieces.

Review Your Style Plans

What upcoming plans do you have in place for 2020? See if any of these innovative design trends can fit into those ideas without derailing your budget. Minor adjustments like plush furniture and sustainable lightbulbs will change your property's vibe, along with other measures like installing new floors. Weigh your options to decide which styles are best for your hotel and how to make them work during the year.

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