Use These 7 Tricks to Keep Your Lobby Spotless

Use These 7 Tricks to Keep Your Lobby Spotless

The lobby is a hospitality business’s first impression for customers and clients. You want everyone who walks through the door to see a pleasant smile and a clean, welcoming environment. However, since the lobby has so much foot traffic, it’s often the most challenging place in the building to maintain. Use these seven tricks to keep your lobby spotless and your patrons happy!

1. Invest in Quality Floor Mats

Your lobby’s flooring gets a lot of action, which causes it to get dirtier and wear down faster than other areas. Its proximity to the outdoors also leaves it exposed to bad weather. You can give your lobby’s floors protection and support by investing in quality floor mats. A durable set of commercial mats will shield your floor from the elements and pick up debris that customers bring in from the outside.

Floor mats also lighten the load of your cleaning schedule. You should still clean the floors regularly, but mats will save you the trouble of dealing with heavy mud stains and water damage in the main entrance. They also help prevent dirt from spreading throughout the building. When the mats get too dirty, simply spray them down with soap and water and let them air dry.

2. Clean Your HVAC System Regularly

Air quality is an often-overlooked part of a lobby’s atmosphere and your HVAC system has a lot to do with it. An unkempt HVAC system circulates pollutants and harmful chemicals throughout the building, creating a musty odor and a stifling feeling that patrons don’t appreciate. Make your lobby more welcoming by regularly cleaning your HVAC system and keeping a fresh airflow. Replace the filter at least once every 90 days and perform routine inspections on the system.

3. Take Special Care of the Furniture

Lobby furniture accumulates a lot of dirt, dust, sweat, oils and food particles from the outside. With that in mind, you should take special care of your lobby’s seating arrangements and clean them down on a daily basis. Vacuum all debris with an upholstery cleaner and wipe down the surface with disinfecting wipes. Bring in a professional at least once a year to take care of the bigger stains.

People want to feel clean and comfortable sitting in your lobby. With frequent cleanings and proper maintenance, your furniture can possess both qualities year-round!

4. Dust Everything

Dusting should be another integral part of your daily cleaning procedure, especially in high-traffic areas like the lobby. During the slow parts of the day, walk around the lobby and dust down the following areas:

  • Reception desk
  • Windows/window sills
  • Door handles
  • Light fixtures
  • Plants
  • Vents

You should also vacuum the floors at least once a week, no matter the material. Tiles, hardwood and carpeting can all gather dust very quickly, even if you can’t see it.

5. Wipe Down the Windows

Windows are difficult to keep clean because people gravitate towards them and even the most minor blemish sticks out like a sore thumb. Add window cleaning to your closing checklist and wipe away the day’s activity. Use a strong window cleaner or sanitation wipes to make those smudges disappear. You’ll be surprised how professional the lobby will look with spotless windows. More natural light can filter through, and people get a better glimpse at your business from the outside, creating a more welcoming atmosphere.

6. Add Scents to the Mix

While visual appeal is the most important factor, you shouldn’t neglect the other senses. Smell also plays a role in establishing a clean and professional waiting area. If you really want to make your lobby smell good, invest in an HVAC scent diffuser or another air diffusion device. They evenly disperse a scent throughout the building and are easily replaceable.

On a smaller scale, put a scented candle at the reception desk or install air fresheners at various spots around the room. If your lobby has a bathroom, keep a bottle of air freshening spray in there as well. These seemingly insignificant efforts show patrons that you pay attention to the smallest details of your business.

Still, you don’t want to go overboard with something too potent. You want to find a scent that boosts your staff’s productivity and soothes the patrons. These scents will have the best effects:

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Lemon
  • Jasmine
  • Cinnamon
  • Peppermint

You spend all day inside your building, so you quickly get used to the smells, both good and bad. On the other hand, visitors notice every scent when they first step through the doors. Even if you don’t see a difference, they can. Replace your scented devices often to keep your lobby smelling fresh.

7. Organize the Reception Area

The reception area is a busy place. One day’s work can leave it dirty and cluttered if you’re not careful. Encourage your reception employees to tidy up their working area whenever they get the chance. When traffic slows down, have them perform a simple maintenance task, such as reorganizing paperwork or wiping down the desk.

Your employees should take pride in keeping their workspaces clean. A tidy workspace promotes focus and productivity and also improves the customer experience. When visitors enter your building and approach reception, they will notice how clean and well-kept the area looks, increasing the likelihood that they will return for future business.

A Clean Lobby Takes Time, Effort and Proactivity

Keeping a lobby spotless takes time and effort. You will have to clean specific areas like the windows and furniture almost every day. You have to make investments in the HVAC system and durable floor mats.

Most importantly, you must be proactive. You can’t allow debris to accumulate and become too noticeable. You must nip it in the bud and implement a frequent cleaning schedule to ensure the lobby remains in pristine condition. Adopt this mentality, apply the seven tricks above and your lobby will look better than ever!